Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Howl-oween

From me and Jet. Jesse got me laughing at these pix and I found some more. Hilarious.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

One To Go ...

The Ex moved out today. Of the seven years, only the last five have been sheer torment. Like the complete moron that he is, he's only managed to move two floors down, so I'll have to go about pretending that he's dead and I'm just ignoring his ghost on the staircase. I was furious about that. Now I'm just thrilled he's gone. And for good this time. I won't forget again how he utterly let me down. Or that he's just a dumb-ass South Buffalo hick who had horrible taste in food, TV and movies and never met a book he wanted to open.

Typically, The Hellcat is taking his sweet time getting the rest of his crap out. I guess he's busy doing that no job sleeping thing he has perfected. He has until midnight Teusday. After which I start piling it up outside the apartment door. After which I'll feel like I've taken a giant shit.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Quarterly Report

For those stockholders that have shares in my life, here are the latest Corporate: Me numbers.

I weigh an epic 145 lbs.

"I lost two lbs."

"Were you trying to lose weight?"

"At this weight I don't really care."

My blood pressure is textbook perfect.

My cholesterol is a little high and out of range: 222
My caregiver thinks it's the meds, but because my HDL/LDL is perfect, it's nothing to worry about.

My liver is fine. Go figure. Go team liver.

Red blood cell production continues to lag. The red blood cell management team has been called in for a meeting. Expect a shake-up if improvement isn't shown.

Our corporate health plan was insured by an annual flu shot. Yay! I can't tell you how much I obsessed about the flu last year when I couldn't get the shot. Is it just me, or are shots virtually painless nowadays? I barely felt it.

I got a prescription for Immodium (thanks, ADAP!). My daily Kaletra induced diarrhea. P.S, R&D reports that digestive enzymes and acidolphous supplements have no effect in treating this problem. Ditto cutting out caffeine. Just so you know.

I also got a prescription for Ambien. Saving the company $200 dollars bi-annualy. I hope I get a year end bonus for this.

And now the quarterly figures from our two largest departments:

Viral load: Still undetectable.

T-Cells: 797.

Highest ever. I'm giving out fucking T-Cells for Halloween. Trick or Treat mothafuckah. *snap*

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's So Nice To Have A Mouse Around The House

On occasion, we get mice. They come in to the kitchen from a hole in the wall behind the stove. It's never just one. We frequently get a family. A couple of big ones and a smattering of little mouselets. Barely worth breading and frying. Aside from the mouse poop all over the kitchen, they eat through whatever food is bagged. And they're amazing climbers. I usually put out poison and try to get rid of access to food and they go away. If they're really bold and running all over the apartment, I feel I have no choice but to put down glue traps. I hate the traps because the mouses don't die, they're just helpless and hopelessly trapped on the glue. And you have to pick them up live and either put them in a bag and carry them out to the trash, or my preferred method, you have to pitch them out the window. Either way they squeak and are all wiggly. And sometimes only parts of them get stuck, so they have enough body free to drag themselves around the apartment.

My current mouseguests (HAR!) haven't left the kitchen but they've ravenously eaten every bit of unprotected food. They were very well fed on bags of Jet's dry dog food. So I've been laying out traps and caught two so far. I know for sure there's another as I heard and saw him tonight. I'm not sure how many are left. I'll just add them to the list of vermin that are about to be purged from my life.

P.S. I know what the plural of mouse is, I just like saying mouses.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Of Course

Today at work, I found that because of a special upcoming sale, an entire large department was dispersed throughout the entire store to make room.. Meaning I once again don't know where the fuck things belong. Grrrr ...

I guess because he spent the better part of yesterday snoozing, Jet woke me up at 7:45 this morning. I took a paw to the head. When that didn't work he switched to the bark and whine. He didn't need to go out, I think he was just sick of sleeping. I managed to stall him until 9 am.

Despite the early start I got fuck-all done today. I had a breakfast with suasages that made me nauseous and I managed to pick up some work shirts I bought. Oh, and I cooked some pork chops and made an awesome tuna/macaroni salad. I'll make a great wife someday.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

This Week On EBay

Marvel/DC Amalgam 1996 (Lot of six).

1996 DC Superman plus, Batman plus, Flash plus, Robin plus (lot of 5).

DC Comics Robin 3000 #1 & 2 1992 complete series!

1996 Marvel Avengers #1, 1998 Avengers #1.

Sorry about the dearth of posts of late. I've been getting accustomed to the new job and getting ready to lose some really draining baggage I've been carrying. My long-time coming divorce is almost final, and I'll soon be rid of a pesky cat from Hell.

The new job is going great, although I feel totally guilty when I have to leave Jet alone for 8+ hours. I was able to help a lot of people today. And remarkably, most times when I pick something up that someone has left behind or has returned, I actually know where it belongs or how to figure it out. No small feat considering we sell over 10,000 products.

Oy, I have some stories. I'll try to do better next week.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pretty Cool

There are 175,482 people in the United States with the first name Tom. There are only 330 people in the United States with my last name. Apparently, I am the only me (first name, last name) in the United States. Check it out :

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rainy Days And Roastbeef

I love The Carpenters. They seem to have a direct link to the gay gene. Back when I was a less enlightened soul, I rewrote the lyrics to one of The Carpenters hits after Karen died. Thus, Rainy Days and Roastbeef Always Gets Me Down was born. I thought it was riotously funny at the time. 20 years later, I still get a guilty little smile when it rains on Monday.

Since you can't spend the entire afternoon inside masturbating, well, I can't ... anymore. What's a gal to do but pop out to the hardware store for some paint? My local hardware store will put out pre-mixed paint at a discount. I assume it's paint that someone wanted but changed their mind. Maybe the color wasn't right. The point is they sell you a gallon of a custom color for $4.95. That's a tip from me to you. Home Depot in Manhattan does it as well, so be sure and check. I just take a color I think will work and slap it up on the wall. 9 times out of 10 the change will totally cheer me for weeks.

So I re-painted my kitchen wall a gorgeous deep green. And I replaced the clock that The Ex gave me with a $10.00 lucite clock I got from a now defunct home furnishings business. I've always loved that clock. Then I went out and bought a wall mounted pot rack (at a 40% discount), so I can properly hang my pots and pans. They've been hanging on finishing nails for years. Then I reorganized the pantry area ... OK the pantry cart, and scrubbed the wood on the kitchen bar. I'll hang the pot rack tomorrow and I think I'm going to paint the bar black on my next day off. The Ex painted the kitchen several years ago and did a horrific job. He got paint everywhere including all over the bar. And it was an ugly color.

Why the nesting? I'm getting ready to start another new phase of my life. In which our hero becomes the sole occupant of a (soon to be) spacious Gramercy Park apartment. I could probably pay the fare myself, but it would be financially foolish. So I will find a roommate for December. But November belongs to me. And I'm only planning to rent out the bedroom on the other side of the apartment. I intend to remake and fix all the issues I've had around the place. I'm throwing out anything I haven't used in the last two years. I'm taking back the extra closet space in the bedroom next to mine. Did I mention I get a generous 40% discount at work?

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I just got off the phone with Mom and Dad. I've been trying to reach them since hearing of the snow storm that hit Buffalo late Thursday. I figured something was up since their machine wasn't even picking up when I called. As it turns out, the storm did quite a bit of damage. No one in my family has electric power. My brother has hooked up a generator so if it gets really bad Mom and Dad will go there. Nobody has heat or lights. A tree limb came down in my parents' back yard and caused an electrical fire. Traffic lights are out as well, making driving a little dicey. My Dad is throwing snow into the refridgerator, trying to keep the food from going bad. Official estimates are that power will be restored sometime next week. Mom and Dad de-camped to the unaffected casino in Niagara Falls last night. It's sort of like their second home anyway. The rest of my extended family is safe and well. Buffalonians are from hardy stock.

Why do I think I'm gonna love this show?

Why are these people allowed to reproduce?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Busy Week

I'm finishing up my second week of training for the new job. Tomorrow is the last training day, although next week I'm starting classes for more specialized training. You can't say they aren't thorough.

I'm happy to report my energy level is not only back, it feels much improved. I now believe there were two issues at play. Part of the year was me adjusting to the meds, and part of it was that I really didn't want to spend any more time working in the restaurant/bar industry. And every time I took another job, as much as I tried to find the good in it, I couldn't escape the fact that every new position felt like I was having another bit of my soul sucked out. I didn't want to deal with the drunks and the smoking and the drugs. And that was just my co-workers. In a selfish way, I had enough of my own problems to deal with, and I didn't have the time, energy or patience to deal with every one else's. So I was always dragging. I was always tired. Tellingly, I was always late. Because I didn't want to be there.

I finally figured it out one night while walking the dog. There are typically several neighborhood bars around my apartment. When I walked by one on this particular night, it was moderately busy but not terribly late. Around 1 am. There were around four or five smokers outside talking and laughing on the corner. The bar stank of beer and oil, and it wafted out to the sidwalk. I visibly shuddered. At that moment, I couldn't imagine anything worse than taking another job with sub-standard pay, long, physically punishing late hours, no benefits and no real future.

And that's what it's all about now. The future. There are big doins here at my little Castle High Atop Second Avenue. But I'm feeling excited about the future for the first time in ages. I wake up happy to start my day.

Oh, and despite all the rumors, there is absolutely no truth to the scandalous gossip that I'm the other woman in the break-up between Hunter and Damon. I never touched either of them. Or rather, I couldn't get either of them to touch me.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ye Olde Comics Shoppe

Up for sale this week:

1994 Marvels- Book Two.

DC Comics War of the Gods #1-4 complete series 1991.

1992 Marvel Warlock and the Infinity Watch 1st Issue! (plus bonus issues.)

DC Robin 2: The Joker's Wild #1-4 complete mini-series!

DC Comics Deadshot #1-4 complete mini-series! 1988-89.

Marvel comics X Force & Cable Annuals '96 & '97.

DC Comics The Weird #1-4 (1st appearance) Complete mini-series 1987.

Bid early, bid often.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'm Pooped

I spent all of last night working the overnight shift at my new job. They want you to get a sense of how the store is re-stocked and I assume an appreciation of how hard the night crew works. While it's not life-altering, it is exhausting. A lot of carrying and bending and stretching. The crew unloaded a truck full of merchandise, separated it by department, transported it into the departments and then unpacked and put it on the shelves for sale to the customers. Perfect work for a Type A organization freak like me. I'm glad it's not a regular part of my job, but I may do it on occasion for extra hours. I started at 9:45 last night and finished at 5 am this morning. I walked home in the dark and quiet. Of course, my boy needed one last walk after 7 1/2 hours alone. So there I was, wide awake at 6 am watching the morning news. Ambien and vodka to the rescue. I was out by 7 am. Thank you blackout shades.

I finished the last of the four books I picked out for the summer. They took a little longer than I thought. I enjoyed them all for different reasons. I'll try to put up some reviews next week for each of them. I was going to hit the gym but I think all the energy I have today is to take Jet out to the run and let him sniff some dog butt. Maybe a movie later.

And here's a link for my fellow fags and the dogs they love: Check out Gentlemans Canine Society. It's a great site.

Ha! courtesy of Will, I just took the quiz What American City Are You? I'm Vegas, Baby!

You Are Las Vegas

Wild and uninhibited, you enjoy all of life's vices.

You're a total hedonist, especially with sex, gambling, and drinking.

You shine brightly every night, but you do the ultimate walk of shame each morning.

Famous Las Vegas residents: Wayne Newton, Howard Hughes, Penn & Teller, Siegfried & Roy

Friday, October 06, 2006

AIDS is over, is it?

AIDS main killer of men in SF. -via the Bay Area Reporter

It has been eight years since the Bay Area Reporter 's now-historic front-page headline "No Obits" and news story detailing that for the first time since the AIDS epidemic began the paper had no death notices in its August 13, 1998 issue. Since the introduction of antiretroviral treatments in 1996, AIDS is no longer seen as a death sentence and HIV is largely considered to be a manageable disease.

While it is true most people diagnosed with HIV who have access to AIDS drugs are living longer, the reality is that in San Francisco, AIDS is still the leading cause of death within men ages 15 to 54 years old, and is considered to be the main killer of gay men ages 15 to 64.

read on for more ...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Revelation

So I never did get around to recapping the weekend with my brother and sister in-law. Truth to tell, nothing overtly dramatic happened per se. Several meals, some nice conversation. As I've said before, they don't have a lot of outside interests. Don't get me wrong, I was very happy to see them.

What was unexpected was that I flashed on their visit last year. I managed to dig up the relevant post in the archives. I was in the midst of a depression. I was still adjusting to the meds. Even though my Dr. at the time insisted the medication I was on couldn't be giving me problems emotionally, I was in such bad shape that I will never believe that.

What struck me during this visit was how far I had come. I. Feel. So much better. My energy level is back to normal. I exercise regularly and my appetite is great. I remember during their last visit, I could barely get through a dinner with my brother. I was ready to jump out of my skin. This time, I was relaxed and eager to see them.

Things aren't perfect. I'm still having some side effects... in the bathroom area... that I plan on discussing during my next Dr. visit this month. But the best part of my brother's visit this time was the fact that I ended up realizing just how far I've come and how really good I've been feeling.

Besides the new job, there's a whole mess of shit going down. Bring it. You can't touch me.

-Also- It's been on my mind that I haven't done some new self photos. I have a new head of long(ish) hair. It's my version of a rejection of the Chelsea buzz cut. And I've upped my cardio and lower body work lately. The result? My ass be lookin' fine. It needs to be documented with some photographs.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Get A Job!

Tonight was my first night training for my new job. I had spent all day Friday in an orientation/indoctrination, but it started at 7:45 (AM!) so I was semi-conscious for most of the morning. Even though I wasn't really working tonight, it was more like a roving classroom, I did put in a regular shift. It was 5 and 1/2 hours. Coming from the restaurant/bar business it's a fucking walk in the park. The night shift ended at 10 pm and at 10:05 I was on the street walking home. Typically in NYC, the store is never really un-staffed. As we left, the night shift was starting. They unload the delivery truck and re-stock and re-set the store. They work until 5 am.

It appears that my shopping addiction counts as a special skill. I totally felt like I was in my element. The managers and senior staff seem genuinely nice, in a culty sort of way. I have something called a break room, which I've never had before. And oh my gosh, I was reading through the employee handbook. Not only do I get rudimentary medical coverage, as well as vision and dental, but these crazy bastards are closed on holidays. It's madness.

My uniform? Sneakers, a T-Shirt and jeans. Sweet!

Hey, check out the trailer for John Cameron Mitchell's new film Shortbus.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's On!

I passed the free junk pile at the bottom of the stairs this morning (afternoon). It had dwindled to almost nothing. The surfboard stayed overnight and part of yesterday, before it ended up out by the trash. I'm sure some enterprising scavenger took it to turn it into a coffee table. The NY coffee mug finally was deemed desirable. It pleased me that it might find a good home.

So I was pleasantly surprised that someone got the joke and decided to play along. I had popped out to the gym tonight, I managed to do 1/2 hour of cardio before stopping because I got ravenously hungry. When I got home I was surprised to find additions to the pile. A caulking gun, a DJ turntable and a soccer ball. I happily responded with the ukulele. The sad little can of Del Monte mixed vegetables is on the left.

It takes so very little to amuse me.

In other news:

I assume I told you about Jet's problem with leaking. If not, shortly after I got him
I discovered that he had a problem with leaking urine. If he curled up on the couch he left behind a wet spot after he finally moved. At night, he would leave a considerably larger wet spot on my bed. You would think this would make me try to not let him sleep on the bed. Not so much. I did look the problem up on The Internets, and deduced it may have been a problem from when he was neutered. My mom asked a vet that she met once and as I had heard, it was possible that he would grow out of it. If not, there were some medications we could try. Well, I'm happy to report he has indeed seemingly grown out of it. I noticed it last week but thought it was a fluke. It's been over a week now. Sometimes he leaves a little spot behind, but compared to before, it's like a bit of drool. And since it's been over a week since I posted a picture...

Monday, October 02, 2006


Last month some new tenants moved into the building. A day or so later, a plastic tub appeared at the bottom of the staircase filled with an eclectic mix of household items. Some electrical outlet covers, a pot holder, some assorted glassware. Junk. There was a sign taped to it that said "Free".

Simply for my own amusement, I decided to add some junk of my own just to see what would happen. So every day for the last week or so, I brought down contributions to the free junk. Unexpectedly, I got fascinated by what would be taken and what wouldn't. So I started bringing different things down to the pile, really without any rhyme or reason. I just wanted to see what they would take and guess why.

Early on, I brought down a pair of black Rumplemintz shotglasses. I was surprised they weren't snatched right away. It was several days before they had been obviously inspected and put back. It was several more days before somebody succumbed to the allure and took them away.

Curiously, nobody took the partially empty cans of blue and silver Krylon spray paint. Ditto the partially used wood stain. And while the partially used box of caulk weather strip didn't go, the sealed bag of foam weather strip finally did.

Surprisingly, a new sealed deck of playing cards went in hours. As an experiment, I put out another deck of cards this afternoon. They were gone by tonight. Another big hit was a half full box of No. 2 pencils.

Resoundingly rejected were the coffee mugs. One had a NYC skyscraper design, the other was from Paris. It had a Mona Lisa on the side. Obviously, I didn't buy either one. It took almost 2 weeks, but somebody finally made off with the little can of Budweiser split. I pray they didn't actually drink it it's over 3 years old. And every day, no matter what I bring down, I keep seeing that my forlorn and sad little can of Del Monte mixed vegetables remains untouched and unloved.

Today I branched out. In addition to the 2nd deck of cards, I brought down a touch button telephone. I felt I had no choice. This afternoon someone added a surfboard (!) and tonight, a map of the world paperweight.

In summation, nobody wants partially used hardware supplies nor canned vegetables. And everybody wants a deck of cards.