Monday, March 20, 2006

When The Going Gets Tough ... redux

Had a pretty quiet weekend as The Hellcat and the boyfriend decamped to his place after a mini-meltdown by me. In a nutshell, despite my warnings that I wouldn't tolerate it, The Hellcat basically moved the boyfriend in to my apartment. When I last confronted him about the issue he tried to downplay it but this time, after The Hellcat returned from an overnight trip away, he wasn't back in the apartment 15 minutes before the boyfriend was at the door. As annoying as I found it I decided to be a nice gay and give them some space. I left the house to do some shopping, hit the gym and then grab my laptop and go out to a local diner that features free Wi-fi. All in all I was gone and gave over the apartment for almost five hours. Apparently, while I was gone they had cooked a steak dinner and ate to the music channel in the living room. I returned home and watched some TV in my room and did some reading. I think they went out for drinks sometime around 1 am. I went to sleep around 4 am which is par for the course, although this week I'm going to be adjusting my sleep times to get ready to go back to work. So you can imagine how annoyed I was to be woken up at 7:15 am to the two of them having really loud sex. Now by loud, you have to understand I am so not a light sleeper. And you have to understand that The Hellcat's bed is literally pushed up against my bedroom wall. So they were so loud that I had to scramble to pull some music up on my PC to cover it. It only partly worked and I was half awake till they finally came. I was annoyed as much as embarrassed. I don't begrudge them a sex life but I tried to give them some extended privacy just to avoid this from happening. It was the third time that week I've been in the next room while they went at it. Once last week I was having dinner. And the thing is, the boyfriend supposedly has his own place. I don't understand why they aren't splitting their time between the two. That seems a lot fairer. I would hazard a guess that whoever the boyfriend is living with doesn't appreciate having two gay men run around the apartment playing grab-ass and hanging all over each other all day either. I'm just the patsy who's been putting up with it. Until now.

And here's the other thing. I totally resent the fact that The Hellcat is forcing me to live and deal with someone who quite frankly I just don't like. That's right folks, it's the dirty little secret I've been keeping. I really, really don't like The Hellcat's boyfriend. I think he's an arrogant, smug, pink little pasty annoying fuck. A fact I can cover up if I need to take him in small doses. I can be civil. My facade starts to crumble as the days go by and he doesn't go home. Eventually I just want to push his face into a wall. And it speaks to how self-involved The Hellcat is that I'm sure he hasn't once stopped to consider that perhaps one or both of the other people he's living with may not think much of his chosen partner. I don't need to like anyone my friends date. But I do if they're going to be in my house for three days or sometimes longer, and I have to accommodate someone's bathroom/shower time, and share refrigerator space, and wait to cook dinner till the kitchen is free.

So I'm leaving. Being the leaseholder I could, I suppose force The Hellcat to go. But he's lived here for almost two years and he could put up a fight in court if he wanted. Besides, I don't have the stomach right now for a fight where the goal is to throw someone out. It's actually simpler, as well as healthier for me in the long run, if I go. As my irritation boiled over about the situation last week I informed The Hellcat that I was moving out as soon as possible, and I would prefer that he just not talk to me and leave me be. He responded by calling me crazy and bi-polar. Which is how he turns on you when he starts to realize he can't use you for housing or money or free dinners. His facade drops too. No matter. It's further incentive to get going. I have a meeting at the end of the week about that townhouse for rent. This afternoon I'll be phoning up some temp agencies that come highly recommended. The sooner I get to it the sooner I get out of this hell hole I helped create. Ah well, first day of spring is all about renewal, ain't it? Onward!

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