Friday, March 24, 2006

Something ...Um ...Came Up.

I woke Thursday morning with a plan. Job search, avoid The Hellcat and boyfriend, go to a new (to me) HIV+ men’s group at the Community Center. Meet an out of town visitor and blog-buddy for coffee.

Shortly after I got up and went on-line I got a surprise invitation to a gangbang on this HOT poz bottom porn star and well, quite frankly, as pleasant as coffee with an internet buddy sounds, old guys like me can’t afford to pass up offers like that. I decided that I would have to forego my social coffee plans in favor of some dirty gay sex. So right now I am enjoying a cup of peppermint tea as I kill a ½ hour before I’m due to get naked in a room full of strangers and fuck. I know that seems odd for someone who claims to suffer such severe social phobia but a) I’m much improved in that area these days, and b) Even when my condition was at its worst I still managed to get to a sex club or party every now and then. Whatever extreme shyness I manifested in my daily life for some reason never extended to a group sex setting. Either that or my piggy horniness overrode my shyness. Either way, when it comes to a big dirty group, I’m A OK!

-The only line appropriate from last night’s South Park airing: “They killed Chef! You bastards!” Not in the least bit original, but there you go. I thought it was extremely clever. I was wondering how the heck they would bring him back even for one episode since he quit. I watched it with The Ex, and I think the fact that they spliced together old dialogue to give Chef his lines went right over his head. Ah well, I married him ‘cause he was dumb with a big dick. And reserving the right to use the character again a la Darth Chef? Priceless.

-Skipped the gym today, as I managed another ½ hour of weights and then another yoga class yesterday. I’m taking a few classes from a few different instructors. Ideally, I’d like to find two classes a week that I like that I can go to. He inspired me to put together a list for you of my gym pet peeves. It’s on a “things to write about” list that is getting so big I’m starting to forget. But for now I want to send a message to the two sauna queens who are currently “working” the branch I go to on the reg:
---Ladies, if I see you in towels working the showers when I piss before a workout, and then I do 1 ½ hours of gym work, only to come back and find you both still in towels looking to get at some man’s, any man’s, noodle well, please, that’s sad and get a life.

Oh my, look at the time. I gotta go have sex with some strangers. See ya!.

And … I’m back. So things didn’t quite work out how I thought they would. It was even better. I made it to the Men’s group at 6:30. There were only about 10 people or so in attendance with two facilitators as well. The group is for men over 40, so that’s who was there, and that in itself sparked an endless discussion about how the groups have been segregated by age and how upset certain people were by that. So much time was spent (wasted) on this subject that I suspect certain people had another agenda entirely. Still, it was fascinating how people arrive with their own pre-conceived notions about gay men, HIV sero-conversion, safe sex, and a whole host of other pre-set agendas. I prefer to approach it as more or less a clean slate. Of course, I have experiences and opinions, but I try not to assume that everyone else is the same or agrees with me. These men seem to be prone to sweeping statements a la “we all went through” or “gay men our age are”. I don’t think they realize that by attempting to put us all in the same box, they end up limiting themselves.

Anyway, the group let out just after 8 pm and I’ve already related to you my peppermint tea break before my next, very different group experience. I arrived at the apartment in the Village just after 9. I’d been here before. I actually have an ongoing gangbang “relationship” with this guy. I get the summons every few weeks, usually on a Thursday. I never have asked why. I was surprised that the party was already in full swing, and I arrived to find about 7 or 8 naked guys in a small back bedroom.

I’ll stop there for now. *snicker* Part 2 tomorrow, in which I have sex and coffee …. with strangers.

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