Monday, March 13, 2006

I Hate Fags

I was going to post about another subject entirely but then something else happened. I'm going to tell it, even though I may not come off looking so good, because it just happened and it's all too real. And I promised, warts and all.

I had posted an ad on Craig's sex section, as The Hellcat was out for the night and The Ex was going to bed. I was hanging at home and horny. Basically, I was offering a blowjob to a nice looking guy. More specifically, I was offering a "quick suck and swallow." As long time readers know my sexual appetites are pretty all over the map so a lot of times I will open the post page and then spend a few minutes deciding what exactly I'm in the mood for. Honestly, it hardly matters as I rarely get what I'm after but sometimes ... well, I guess it's happened enough that I keep at it. In a nutshell, I felt like sucking somebody off. I posted that and a couple of really clear face/jerk off pics. I do that cause as bold as I can be I'm still trying to avoid rejection so I prefer to not send headless pictures or try anything sneaky. It's me. I got a variety of responses from people that obviously hadn't read what I was looking for, and even a guy who claimed to be Russian. Part of his response: "i'm about allow you to make me bj..." I swear, you can't make this stuff up.

As I was working on something else a couple more e-mails came in. All my Craig's responses go directly to junk mail so I have to go get them. One of them got my attention immediately because of the title: (my gym)NYSC (My Branch) It was from one And here's what I found inside:

On behalf of all the hot guys at
NYSC I##### P####, please stop
cruising us. If we're interested, we'll let you know.

I was stunned for a minute, then I read it again to make sure I understood it. Basically, whoever this guy was he was calling me old and ugly or at the very least "not hot" and my old ugliness at the gym upset him enough that he felt compelled to e-mail me about it. Full disclosure, whether or not you approve, I do have sex at my gym. I've always freely acknowledged that. Realistically, gay men are having sex at gyms all across the country. And I can only speak for myself. I try to avoid offending anyone. I've never followed anyone from room to room trying to have sex. I can tell when someone isn't in to me pretty easily and drop it immediately. It's New York. Another fag will be along shortly. I've certainly never touched anyone without an invitation. Let's face it, I've been an out gay man for over 20 years. I know how to pick up a guy in public. I got mad skillz yo. But here this little shit (and I'm just speculating) took it upon himself to e-mail me a nasty insult. Am I over-reacting or was this pretty mean?

So I did respond, basically calling him some nasty names and telling him to fuck off. He answered by calling me an ugly old troll. So there it was. I had never been called a troll before. I've never used the term either as I've always thought it was hateful. Even when I was young and beautiful. Of course, I responded even more immaturely, challenging him to call me this to my face so I could kick his ass. Of course, he responded by threatening the "gym cops" on me, and when that didn't work he started that lame nonesense about how I was going to get arrested and blah, blah bah. All the bullshit that repressed little hens cluck about when they run out of arguments that don't work. So we've reached another new milestone people. Some nasty faggot thinks I'm ugly and old, and doesn't mind telling me so. At least by e-mail.

P.S. Apparently, the hot Latin 27 yr. old with the 8" cut cock didn't think I was too repulsive either. Mission accomplished.

In Other News ... I told you recently about a book I read. Well, the author and his fish-titties have run afoul of those assholes at PETA, even though he retired his drag persona in 2000. Six years ago. Says the PETA nimrod: "It would be, for you, like living in a covered bathtub that's constantly moving, tossing you around as you defecate in it. It's filthy, painful and terrifying for these animals." Only not, cause they're fish, with tiny little fish brains and it's doubtful they "feel" any emotion or have any thought besides "eat" and "fuck". I swear, these PETA WHORES will say or do anything to get PETA in the papers.

I hate PETA, too.

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