Monday, March 13, 2006

For The Record ...

The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger did not morph into an amateur porn star. No one wishes this were true more than me. But it's not. Here's the straight scoop. Now if anyone can get me the phone number of the new Red Mystic Ranger I'd be very grateful indeed. I need a life. Very badly. HeHe "Magi staff" HeHe.

Mystic Force Red Ranger
Nick Russell

Red Ranger


Mystic Power:
Fire & Heat

Mystic Morpher

Magi Staff
Fire Boxer

Mystic Speeder

Zords Forms:
Red Super Titan Zord

Nick is athletic , brave and headstrong, Like "Indiana Jones", Nick is fearless and a bit of a show-off. He's always the first to rush in a battle. But doesn't always use his head. However his keen instincts and courageous heart usually win the day. He also likes to restore classic motorcycles.

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