Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What The Fuck???

I've been following the coverage of Catholic Charities (HA!) and their decision to stop placing babies up for adoption in Boston altogether and in San Francisco making it official policy to stop placing adoptive children with same-sex couples. After being thoroughly disgusted and convinced that the smartest thing I ever did was see the truth about organized religion, now comes word that the chief administrative officer of Catholic Charities is an openly gay adoptive parent! And at least four other members of the board are openly gay as well. Am I the only one saying WTF???? Do these people have a defense at all about serving on this board? I wonder how Mr. Motola would feel if someone showed up at his door next week and said "hand over your kid, fag". This is outrageous.

Oh and supposedly tomorrow night, those wacky bastards over at South Park are putting the finishing touches on their latest salvo in their battle with the Scientologists. One of the most humorous humor-less "religions" out there. Did you know they enjoy tax-exempt status from our government. Hm? Didja?

I worked out like a fool the last couple of days. Yesterday I did a solid hour of cardio. 20 minutes on three machines with the only rest being the time it took to switch places. Today, I did 20 minutes of cardio followed by an hour of yoga. I earned that 1/2 pint of ice cream, fucker!

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