Monday, March 27, 2006

Something ... Um ... Came Up (Part 2)

As I said, I was surprised that the orgy was in full swing, as last time I attended a party here there were about 6 guys total in attendance. On that night, everyone stood around fully or almost dressed, as our naked host kept ducking in to the bathroom. I found out later he was high on GHB and was having a little trouble finding his equilibrium so that he felt comfortable being the object of a group. He needn’t have worried. Of the 6 guys there, one blond San Francisco native and one tattooed Latin took a shine to each other, and paired off on their own. The Latin made some comment about already cumming, leading me to believe one of the times he ducked into the bathroom with our host he managed to get his cock sucked or fuck. So he proceeded to kiss and suck off the blond, who had absolutely zero interest in anybody else. Another of the guys seemed to be having some performance problems and repeatedly stroked his cock which only seemed to get half hard at best. So that basically left me, and some very verbal, very hairy guy and maybe one other I’m not sure now, to take on our host. Is it really a gangbang when you’re a gang of three? At any rate, after the verbal hairy guy got the ball rolling while I got my cock sucked at the other end, he asked me if I wanted “some of this boy pussy”. I laughed in my head voice and nodded. We practically slapped hands to tag up. I had been out of sorts for hours that day, and judging by how the scene was unfolding I just decided to git er done. Besides, he may have been a piggy bottom but his ass was still FINE. I threw a fuck on him for a couple of minutes and then shot a load. Once I recovered I pulled out, gave his butt a little slap and got off the bed. And that was that. Apparently, a couple more guys had arrived late while I was otherwise occupied but I had no interest in seeing if I could muster a round two. I dressed and left.

On this night I undressed in the living area and headed into the bedroom already boning up. When I got there I spied the verbal hairy guy, also back for another round. We greeted each other warmly. As I said, I quick counted about 8 bodies, various ages and ethnicities. So far, I couldn’t pick out our host. And unlike the last group, this one seemed to not really care and were a bit more willing to experiment a little, as people paired off to trade blowjobs and kiss. A shorter cute ½ Asian guy immediately grabbed my cock and started jerking me off. He must have liked what he felt as he bent to start sucking me. I returned the favor at some point. Eventually, our host appeared, naked, and seemingly not as high as last time. Although he was the bottom du jour, somebody else was ably handling the overflow. Several guys who couldn’t wait for a turn on the host opted to warm up on that guy. I was content to get my cock sucked and/or jerked. After a couple of guys took their turn, I suddenly found myself cock to hole with our host, and figured it was a sign. I pushed the back of his head down towards the mattress and pushed in slowly but all at once. I could tell already that this wasn’t going to be a quick fuck and go. He felt great and I was in no rush. I eventually worked him back so I was standing beside the bed. I raised up one of his legs and pushed my leg behind his so I could hit him a little deeper. He cursed and swore his appreciation as I got some verbal encouragement from the crowd. After a few minutes of fucking, I pulled out to share. It’s bad form to monopolize the bottom in a gangbang.

I could re-create the blow-by-blow (so to speak) but really, a couple of horny bottoms, 6 or so tops taking turns suckee suckee, fuckee, fuckee, blah blah blah. I got my cock sucked some more, I fucked two bottoms. I overheard someone in the living room make the unmistakable noises of a man cumming. I watched this hot bodied Italian guy with a very pretty cock mount our host. There’s something really hot about watching a man throw another man one hot deep fuck. Right in front of you. Feeling like the night was about to crescendo I decided it was time to go for broke. Besides, I was totally turned on watching the other guy fuck. It didn’t take me long to shoot my load as well. When I got off, the ½ Asian guy replaced me. The bottom was getting what he was after all right. I recovered and cleaned up in the living room, where the other bottom was getting fucked over a chair while he sucked another guy. I dressed and made my way out of the building. It was around 10:15. You’d think a gangbang would be more time consuming but not really as it turns out.

I was halfway home when my phone began to ring. I immediately knew who it was and began to chuckle. I had already decided to forego my coffee date in favor of my porn star gangbang but as it turns out, I was free after all. I walked a couple more blocks, as my intent was just to curl up on the couch and lick my fur clean. But the idea of passing up the one chance to meet a visiting blogger overwhelmed my desire to be all fat and happy at home. I returned the call a couple of minutes later, and after failing at first to connect we finally made plans to meet. I was a little daunted by the fact that in the interim, some other out of town bloggers were added to the mix, but I was having such a why the hell not day I decided to forge ahead. I met Thom along with Bert and his friend Cary outside the W hotel near Times Square. We managed to locate a coffee shop on 8th Ave where we piled into a booth and proceeded to trade stories about travel, blogging and shopping. I gave out my best shoe shopping secret. All three guys couldn’t have been warmer or friendlier. We talked about the upcoming GB:NYC3 in June. If I can duplicate how comfortable and natural and FUN this experience was I’ll have a very good time indeed. After about an hour and a half of some great coffee conversation I hopped on the subway and headed for home. Needless to say I slept very well.

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