Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Changing The Subject For A Sec .....

I'm sure all you west coast natives would ho-hum about it, but over the weekend we had the long anticipated opening of the first New York City Trader Joe's. (Gag, what a horrid home page, btw) Now I admit, I'm as unfamiliar with the chain as anyone, but enough people were anticipating the prospect with such excitement I figured it was a big deal in the land of grocery shopping. Still, imagine my surprise when I wandered by the new store Sunday night and spotted a line, a line! outside the store running down 14th st. People were actually lined up on the sidewalk and it was freakin cold!

So yesterday I happened to be walking by close to 10 pm and couldn't resist popping in to check it out. It looked like a scene out of day of the locusts. I swear, most of the shelves were either disheveled, almost empty or picked clean. It reminded me of how the stores in Buffalo used to look when a blizzard would hit and the delivery trucks couldn't get through. After wandering around the store to get a feel for what they'll be eventually carrying when they re-stock I have to say, I was led to believe the store would be good for saving money. I didn't notice anything I looked at as being particularly cheap. At any rate, when I left the store I was further amused to see stacks and stacks of stock lined up on the sidewalk with groceries ready to go in after closing. I imagine it would take hours. If I'm out and about later tonight maybe I'll try and go snap a few pix of the carnage.

In the meantime, if anyone has any Trader Joe's secrets or hot tips on food I should try let me know.

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