Friday, February 10, 2006

Is It True?

Rumor has it that East Village staple and host of more than it's share of tweaked out naked twinks Boysroom is closing it's doors. Admittedly, no great loss to me as I am waaaay outside their target demographic but where oh where will the spikey haired skinny fags in tight little T's go?

What is true is The Hellcat and the boyfriend never left the bedroom today. Hell, they stayed in bed (sleeping mostly) until 8 pm. I used to be a little envious of The Hellcat. But the both of them frequently accomplish absolutely nothing in an entire day beyond sleeping and eating. So not a life I would want to emulate. I mean, I didn't change the world or anything today but I went to lunch, read a newspaper, went to the gym and did 45 minutes of non-stop cardio and made a trip to Midtown comics. I did buy a few comics, it seems I jumped back in in the middle of a major continuity shift, but I also bought a few hundred backing boards and bags. The inventory is complete and now I need to do another sort and start bagging and boarding the ones that are going up for sale first. I know I get some comic geek traffic. Anyone want a heads-up as to what's about to go up for sale in advance? I'd be happy to. At first, I was disappointed with what I thought some of the older and first issue books were worth, but as I've been researching further, I've got some valuable books here and some seriously valuable comics back in Buffalo.

What's also true is I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow. I'll be getting results from my latest blood work and I have a feeling the news will be good. I'll update tomorrow late afternoon. I know, I know, I promised you a sex story. Honestly, considering I have no job you'd think I'd get more writing done. You'd think.


It seems that Boysroom is indeed closing but the latest intel I've received says that they're dropping the gates tonight.

As for my medical update, it turns out that it's a bit of non-news. My viral load did drop again. It's now down to a measly 78. But I was hoping for undetectable this time and didn't quite get there yet. It turns out, the only test he ran was a viral load test so I'll have to wait until my next full blood work in March to get a bigger snapshot. My Dr. informed me that he's moving on, which is about right as far as how long they seem to stay at the clinic. He loaded my up with a pocketful of prescriptions for everything I take. It will be six months at least before I need anything. I've already met my new care provider and she seems very nice.

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