Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gone Acoustic

After spending the afternoon enjoying the 60 degree weather and doing a big bag of laundry, I puttered around the apartment, ran a couple of errands, paid some bills online and got ready to go out. Musician/DJ and all around cool guy Corey Tut was performing an acoustic set at Starlight in the East Village. I've always liked that bar and the space in back is perfect for an intimate showcase. About 30 people (if not more) showed up and filled the room, no mean feat considering it was 9 pm, and Corey was great. An acoustic folk/rock set of about 10-12 numbers. There were quite a few people from The Slide in attendance as Corey still has a standing gig there. It was good to see some of them again. After the show some people hung out and there was talk of going to The Cock, but I really wanted to get home. So I did. Watched some crappy TV with The Hellcat and finally retired around 3:30. I know, exciting, right?

I slept rather badly, tossing and turning all night. I woke up several times and almost hourly by morning. I threw a leg/butt routine into my workout on Sunday and while I was careful not to overdo to the point that my legs totally stiffened up, I did tweak my lower back and that pain woke me up several times. I literally creaked and hobbled out of bed. Tonight I start a weekly yoga class. Hopefully, that will repair some of the damage, and give me some added flexibility.

The plan for today: Therapy this afternoon. Have to pick up some prescriptions. The aformentioned cataloguing of my comic collection continues. There are lots and lots of comic books. Yoga tonight. It's rainy and windy and I have a headache.

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