Saturday, January 28, 2006

Getting In To Bed

Had some fresh bloodwork today. Results in a couple of weeks. I'm prety confidant the results will be good.

Afterward I stopped in to Old Gravy. I couldn't resist a $7.00 pair of cords or a cute flannel shirt on sale for $3.95. I look good in flannel. Seriously. From there I checked out the clearance section at Bed, Bath and Beyonce. I found sheet sets. I put up a valiant struggle. In the end, I came upon a queen size set that sold for $140 marked down to $40. They were maroon and gold and included a fitted sheet, top sheet and matching pillowcases. Plus, it matched a lot of the sheets and pillowcases I already own. Plus, I realized after the fact that while I've had sheets that matched, I've never owned an entire matching sheet set. In the end, I lost the fight. If I have to sleep alone I may as well be in luxury.

I took a couple of pictures of my new and quite masculine bedding. I'll post them sometime this weekend. For now, I can't wait to to get naked and slide in to my fresh new sheets.

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