Wednesday, January 18, 2006


So yesterday I was cruising for cock on Craigslist. I ended up having a horrible experience with a couple of silly Chelsea fags that resulted in an awful kick in the ego for me. Thank god I'm already in therapy. I'd explain further but I come off looking lame and I don't feel like being that exposed. I ended up sucking off some uncut Peurto Rican guy literally half a block away from me. Everything you need is already in your own backyard, Dorothy.

Anyhoo, during my on-line travels I stumbled across a post from someone offering sexual favors in return for some assistance with a clunky old computer. I freely admit I answered the call partly because he was offering up some cock in exchange for help. But I also was up for the challenge of trying to fix someone's PC who was admittedly a hack. I e-mailed him offering up my services. As well as my "services". He replied with a phone number. I figured what the hell and gave him a call.

He turned out to be a pretty nice guy with a shitty old computer that was still using dial-up (the horror!) and while he wasn't PC illiterate, he definitely needed to be talked through getting himself back online. The cool part of this story is he had already spoken to several friends and even spent some time getting help from "professionals" both on the phone with Dell and online. Turns out he spent all day trying out their repair advice and nothing they suggested was working. Hence the Craigslist cry for help. To make a short story more condensed, after a series of phone calls I was able to talk him through getting his system up and running. He graciously offered to make good on his offer to serve me up some cock. I opted to 86 the blow job and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done. Still, it highlites an idea I have for a business opportunity. More on that later.

The Ex is sick with a lingering cold. He's on a couple of weeks of antibiotics but he's been coughing all night as I type this, and I don't think he's sleeping well. The Hellcat had a tooth pulled today and is looking to have another one yanked tomorrow. Further fallout from his meth years. It's been cereal and soft sandwiches all day. As for me, all the workouts and weight training continue. The result? Not sure how good I'm looking but I am one sore old lady.

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