Monday, January 23, 2006

I Gave Birth!

I had been thinking about it for a while, but it took a few weeks for me to clear some space in my melon to decide what direction I wanted to move in. I finally decided, and with some help from the fine folks over at Yahoo 360, I'm proud to present my newest addition to the already cluttered cacaphony. Boys and girls, have a look at THE OTHER HALF.

I didn't want to send you over until there was some content for you to look at. So there's a link to my Flikr page, which is a duplicate of the one found here. Which means I may change the photo hosting here or add an "adult" password protected section. The new site also features LAUNCHcast, one of Yahoo music's new services. You can listen to your own selections or crack open my music station. I've been rating music on the site for two weeks now, and I find myself enjoying more and more what it's been spitting out. The only drawback, I found that the service doesn't work too well in a Mozilla browser. I'm sure it's just a pop-up blocker issue I'm too lazy to fix right now, but you've been warned.

Of course, my home page is there also, along with my actual name, age and city. I don't have a photo of myself beyond what's on the Flickr page. I have yet to take a headshot in the last 10 years I've enjoyed, so you'll have to settle for my smart-ass avatar. But this should make it easier if you were considering stalking me.

So here's the deal. There may be some cross posting but in one direction only. Things that appear on The Other Half may make their way here to From The Ashes. But the reverse will probably never happen. As I said on my new page, I won't be able to keep things completely clean there, my sense of humor is too "out-there" for that. But I wan't to use the page to keep in touch with friends, make some new ones, and have a place for my family to look in on. So please, feel free to add yourself to my friends link if you like, or e-mail me using the link here and I'll be happy to do it for you.

Now when I was originally invited to participate in the Yahho 360 test it was in Beta. It still has a Beta label but I've noticed that my page now comes with an invite to try it out yourself. I've found it a little buggy, but they've been adding features and fixing bugs for a couple of weeks now. It's at the point where I'm comfortable recommending you might want to get your own.

As long as I'm geeking out, I'd like to recommend another worthwhile download. If you follow this link to Google Labs you can click on the link to personalize your home page. Basically, after you set Google as your home page you follow these instructions to add (if you're me) links to the New York Times, local weather, movie reviews, CNet and Slashdot. It's totally customizable according to your interests and it's got that clean, uncluttered Google background I'm so fond of. Give it a try.

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