Saturday, January 07, 2006

Just So You Know ...

I recently purchased all three Lord of the Rings movies. I missed them in the theater and I had barely heard of the books as a youngster. Needless to say I hadn't read them. Inexplicably, I've attempted three times now to start watching them in order. I was fully prepared given the hoopla surrounding the films to have to force myself to quit watching at some point and break it up in installments of, say, at least three. All three attempts has sent me rushing headlong into the arms of Morpheus. At this point you only need to say the word "hobbit" and I feel my head getting droopy.

The new year is only a week old. I've made it to the gym three-and-a-half times so far. A very good start to my unspoken resolution to get back in top shape. The half workout? That was the day I went to the gym and got distracted ... um ... doing ... something and ended up just completing a 1/2 hour of cardio.

My doctor prescibed a new vitamin therapy as well as a daily protein supplement. Not that there was anything wrong with me or my diet but more, I suspect, simply that New York State has agreed to pay for it. Among many many other things my new vita-pack contains 750% USRDA of Vitamin C, 600% RDA Vitamin E and 150% RDA Vitamin E. My pee is now a most delightful and mildly startling color of bright canary yellow.

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