Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Story So Far

Running out of cash, and it's almost time to think about ... going back to work. THE HORROR! Shame on my parents for being lower middle class and shame on me for not marrying well when I was young and pretty.

Meanwhile, I have decided to sell my entire comic book collection. Before that can happen I need to catalogue everything I have, starting with what's here in New York. After I get that sold, I can move on to the really valuable goodies stored away in my parent's basement. It's a huge undertaking. I've spent the better part of the last two days on it and I'm not even half way done. Some of you die hard comic geeks will be horrified that I'm dispassionately selling it all. But it does tie in to my being HIV positive. If I don't sell it now, then when? I'm sitting on a collection which could be worth quite a bit of money. I have absolutely no plans to pass it on to anyone so when do I get the benefits? I could wait another 20 years and, I assume, make even more but I'll be in my 60's by then. I'm also assuming I'll be around in my 60's but there's no guarantee about that, either. It's the answer to a question I've been asking myself often these past few months. What are you waiting for?

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