Sunday, February 19, 2006

On This Day In History

44 years ago today, in approximately 1/2 an hour or so ( my mom's a little fuzzy on the details) I got birthed.

When my oldest sister was born in an Air Force hospital, the Doctor broke my mom's tail bone before delivery. Even though my mom isn't particularly small and my sister was never very big at all.

When my youngest sister was born she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and she was blue and had to be revived.

My older brother was born without a horror story but he was (by all reports) an awful, crying, needy little baby.

I, however, (ask my mom) was born after an uneventful and extremely convenient labor and the only child she had where she was able to watch the delivery in the mirror. Is it a big surprise I hit my marks at birth? And I was an unbelievably happy little baby.

I guess that might explain why even though I lost my bank card and two credit cards yesterday, and whoever found them charged over $500 in one store alone, I'm really not stressing all that much. It's life. And I'm in it 'till I'm not.

Happy Birthday to me.

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