Friday, February 24, 2006

So Many Problems

I've been waiting for a replacement debit card from my bank. They send it by UPS, and I was supposed to get it on the 22nd, so I could start fixing all the damage from losing my cards last weekend. Uncharacteristically, UPS made a morning delivery to my neighborhood, at 10:30 am to be exact, and I slept through it. Annoying. And they wouldn't re-deliver that day even though I called them early in the afternoon. Fuck it, I tried. So yesterday I got up at 10 am and I stayed in all afternoon so as not to miss the delivery again. But a girl has to keep busy and when the UPS man re-dilvered at 4:30 pm I had two fingers in the hole of this gorgeous 6'2 blonde Chelsea bottom's ass, finger fucking him while he sucked my cock. Needless to say, I didn't hear the buzzer. Again.

So today was my 3rd and final opportunity to get my new bank card delivered. Again I got up at 10 and stayed inside waiting. This time no sex was to be had. But that didn't stop my from arranging a photo shoot with two guys. Turns out, the one that was all aggressive and gung-ho turned out to be a weird looking 30 yr. old skinny German dude with pasty skin. The other guy that I thought might be a flake was HAWT! 6'2 (again) and about 35 years old, tan skin and facial stubble and the most distracting treasure trail leading into a nicely bulging pair of undies. He wore jeans and work boots to start. I swear I started to salivate. The entire time I was shooting him I was calcuating how to offend the weird German dude enough that he would leave. But I didn't try, it seemed too mean. I did get a nice view of the weapon of ass destruction he was packing when he changed from the underwear to the black jockstrap he brought with. He seemed ready for anything and I'm going to try and get him back here. As a matter of fact after everyone left and I put the apartment back in order, I *ahem* took matters in hand so to speak, for almost an hour and 1/2 not to mention, and sent a toe-curling, ball-busting load half way across the bedroom.

Of course, the UPS man returned while I was in the shower getting ready for company, and while that scenario has "Bow Chikka Bow Bow" potential (just stick it anywhere, Paolo), I didn't get around to re-creating a porn scene with the UPS man. I just signed for my bank card in a robe, dripping wet.

Now with all that out of the way I'm fixin' to tear into an order of chicken parm and an entire loaf of garlic bread. Needless to say, I've worked up an appetite and I'm staying in tonight.

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