Tuesday, February 07, 2006

News Roundup

Gov. Pataki quietly signed an extension of domestic partnership laws in New York State. The new law gives gay and straight domestic partners the same rights as married couples in dealing with a loved one's remains. In addition, the new law makes it possible for a domestic partner's wishes to supersede a surviving child or parent's. 'Bout time, I say.

Doctors at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have announced promising results in the study of HIV prevention. The study involved six monkeys injected with a combination of Truvada and Emtriva, then exposing them *ahem* rectally for 14 days to the virus. None of them contracted the infection. Hardly a cure for people yet, but a promising step.

An international team of scientists has announced the discovery of a "Lost World" in the Indonesian jungle, largely untouched by humans. They've discovered dozens of new plant and animal species including butterflies, frogs, plants and a new species of bird. Very cool!

The Body.com recently ran an in depth overview of the various gastrointestinal problems people with HIV can experience both before and after starting treatment. I for one had no idea how just being HIV+ could so thoroughly fuck up your system before you ever become "officially" treatable. Just passing the 411 along.

According to reports, New York area black men are dying from AIDS at six times the rate of whites.

There. You can consider yourself informed. Dirty gay sex tomorrow. See you then.

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