Monday, February 13, 2006

5:15 am

I've spent the night doing another sort of the comic book collection. I've put together a box of comics I feel I can part with without a lot of distress. So they will be the first to go in order to get the ball rolling.

I ran out about 4:30 am to buy ice. I'm defrosting the freezer and decided I wanted a cocktail. Apparently I'm over this mornings hangover.

I'm watching a Soapnet re-broadcast of Friday's General Hospital episode. I don't watch the daytime soaps anymore but I used to be hooked. It's part of the bartender lifestyle. Just being a media junkie I've been aware of what's going on in some of the stories. Besides bringing back Rick Springfield (!) Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms, now it seems they've killed off Tony Jones (Brad Maule). He's been on the show forever. Significantly, as part of his death scene, he had a touching connection with his gay son, Lucas. Still, it's a soap opera. if they want to bring him back they will. It was still extraordinary.

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