Friday, July 31, 2009

Around The Internets

Here's a couple of sites I've been getting some giggles off of:

You Suck at Craigslist - Every time I go to this site I laugh at something and then weep at the sorry state of our education system.

There, I Fixed It: Epic Kludges and Jury Rigs - Everyday people using every day items to make sometimes brilliant, sometimes hilarious repairs and inventions.

Stuyvesant Town's Lux Living - A site only locals might appreciate. All about the trials and tribulations of a secret city oasis that has been taken over by a faceless conglomerate and run into the ground.

Look at this fucking hipster
- Hilarious!

Dlisted - Obviously not new, but I just started reading regularly and I love the "no prisoners, no boundaries" writing style.

I will more than likely post through the weekend but in case I'm not around, these should keep you busy. Enjoy!

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