Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey, What's In Yer Blood?

T-Cells, apparently. And quite a few of the little fuckers, as my current T-Cell count clocked in at 1190, with an undetectable viral load. Which of course is very very good news for my continued existence. You are either happy about that statement or indifferent.

Also the iron supplements I take are doing their job as I am not anemic. My liver, kidneys and blood sugar levels are all normal. And while my total cholesterol is just slightly high, my HDL/LDL numbers ("good" versus "bad") cholesterol put me at, and I quote, "below average risk" for any heart problems. You'll be happy to know I do not have tuberculosis.

Most exciting news of the entire visit was my weigh-in. I lost almost 10 lbs. And since I would like to lose about 5 more, that celebratory dish of ice cream before bed last night is officially a once a week treat for now.

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