Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vogue Evolution On America's Best Dance Crew

America's Best Dance Crew is one of those MTV shows that I tend to watch in blocks by myself whenever I'm having a lazy Saturday afternoon. Because it's a little embarrassing to admit I kind of love it. The fourth season starts on Sunday, August 9 and will feature an openly gay group with some serious ties to the NYC ball culture.

I have no idea how this particular out, proud and in your face crew will be accepted on the ABDC stage, nor how well they will score considering judge Shane (Y'all) Sparks (Y'all) has a reputation as a bit of a homophobic asshole. Along with a rudimentary command of y'alls English. But of particular interest is Vogue Evolution crew member Leyomi Mizrahi from the House of Mizrahi. Here's another You Tube clip of Leyomi in a battle with one Kassandra Ebony. Check the :30 second mark when Mz. Leyomi (red wig) unleashes a "Matrix dip" that gets the children screaming and all but ends the contest.

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