Monday, July 27, 2009

From My Cell Phone Cam

These giant daisies were being installed last week along the pedestrian plaza next to Madison Square Park on 23rd St. They are actually solar power collectors (you can see the panels if you circle round the back) so not only can you sit and enjoy a leisurely lunch, you can also plug in and recharge your tech goodies or find some dirty boy on Manhunt that's in a nearby building and needs a quick BJ.

For those that don't know/don't live here the city has basically created (read: plopped down) a bunch of pedestrian plaza's right in the middle of previously busy stretches of road in 3 different spots in or near midtown. They are a huge hit with the tourists (particularly the one in Times Square) and also with the lunchtime business crowd. But I know it's just a matter of time before a taxi or bus crashes wildly out of control and 86's some Milwaukee grandma in town to see a show. You read it here first.

On a lighter note, a ferocious storm blew in to town last night, with extremely high winds, wicked-cool lightning and rain that was falling alternately in sheets or horizontally. I was along the water on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River and got to enjoy the show in safety. Right after the worst of it was over, we were treated to this rainbow which seems to indicate there's a pot of gold to be had somewhere near the South Ferry terminal. I wish I had my regular camera as the rainbow was really quite beautiful.

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