Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I spent part of this evening making a brand new resume. I have three interviews set up for jobs this week, only one of which I actually want. But when one of the employers answered my application by e-mail I discovered that since I switched over to Gmail for most of my correspondence that my resume and cover letter were displaying like shit. And considering part of my skill set includes the fact that I'm pretty computer literate I'm thinking it didn't make me look too competent. So I set about cutting and pasting and tweaking my papers as Google docs instead of in Word. Not too exciting I know. Especially considering I was supposed to go to Central Park to see the New York Philharmonic give a free concert. But I woke up with a back ache and some minor muscle spasms that made me cranky all day. And the idea of shopping for picnic food and being jostled by strangers all night long while sitting on a blanket just wasn't thrilling me at all so I skipped it.

I popped in to a Gay-A meeting today that was full of newcomers which I usually enjoy, but the meeting chair, who is generally an asshole anyway, decided not to enforce the four minute time limit on sharing and didn't seem to mind letting people go on and on about the same thing over and over for 8-10 minutes. Which doesn't sound that awful until you are fighting off sleep and sitting on an uncomfortable metal chair for an hour. Then it totally sucks.

Riley has taken on a new habit of sitting next to me as I read through blogs or answer job listings or really anything on the internets at all and just pathetically, maddeningly whining over and over again. Threats to beat him to death with a shovel only stop it for a few minutes. You would think he needs to go out but a)he usually just did and b) when I tried that it wasn't an urgent bathroom break, he was just bored and wanted attention. Which I happily give just not all damn night!

Told you I was cranky. I think I need some ice cream and a good night's sleep.

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