Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Pollinated, Therefore I Am

Thanks to a hot tip from commenter Stephanie I discovered that tomato plants, while technically self-pollinating, are in reality, not so much. Apparently, the decided lack of bees inside my apartment means that the chances that any of the flowers that I've seen blossom on my tomato plant turning in to actual, edible tomatoes were slim at best. The single tomato I did manage to grow was more a happy accident, a triumph of nature if you will. However, in my (admittedly quick) research in to pollinating tomato plants (since I'm not a bee), I discovered a video that seems to recommend a simple if vigorous shake will do the trick. Failing that they recommend the annoying high school throwback finger-flick of the flowering bud as being equally effective. I gleefully spent a couple seconds this afternoon flick-flicking the one or two buds that are currently on the plant. I felt ridiculous and surprisingly a little dirty but if it works ...

My favorite A&E show, Intervention, just re-ran the episode that is right up there with my all-time favorite. While I used to think that no one could hold a candle to meth addict alcoholic Cristy from a couple of seasons back, I have fallen pretty hard for compressed air inhaling Allison from last year. Allison was a pre-med student that was in danger of permanently absolutely BAKING her brain with the chemicals in cans of computer duster. She crazily huffed up to 10 cans a day and then spent the bulk of the episode staring cross-eyed into the camera mourning her "painful" over-privileged childhood. Someone thoughtfully created a video. -via World of Wonder

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