Friday, July 17, 2009

The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

I knew I was in trouble right after the interview began. I was contacted by the GM of an East side bar/restaurant, asking if I would like to interview for a job. It's a pretty busy place with a very busy bar crowd and a rooftop bar that opens in the summer. They play pop music really loud and have four or five GIANT screen TV's to broadcast big sports events or regular season games. Every time I've walked or biked by there they are usually pretty busy. Seemed right up my alley, so I quickly accepted an appointment for 6:00 yesterday. I arrived 5 minutes early and was escorted to a cocktail table inside at the end of the bar. I was glad I hadn't biked up as I thought of doing as it had turned oppressively hot and even in a polo shirt and khakis, I was sweating from the 10 block walk.

After cooling my heels for almost 20 minutes the manager that contacted me finally arrived. After we exchanged hellos and handshakes she opened with:

"How can I help you?"

I know I registered a little surprise but I explained that we had an interview apppointment.

"I see. Did you bring a resume?"

I had. But it was very clear to me that she had no idea who I was, she was not at all prepared to meet with me, indeed she didn't seem the least bit interested in interviewing me about the job. Instead she explained that they had started their busy season, with the rooftop bar being open, and were stretched thin and looking for help. She explained the hours and the insulting rate of pay and asked if I had any questions.

I asked when they were looking to hire and she nonchalantly said not for two weeks or so, which would put the new job starting in August. I'm assuming that their rooftop opened sometime around Memorial Day if not sooner.

I said I had no more questions but that was a lie. I was wondering why she made an interview appointment but seemingly had no idea I was coming or when. She was the one who responded to my resume, but she didn't have a copy of the resume I emailed and she barely glanced at the one I provided, so what was the point of asking me for it again? Why are they looking for extra help for the busy season but in no particular hurry to get someone in before said season is more than half over?

At the end of the interview she apologized for the noise and explained that it was difficult to do the interview because it was such a busy time. At which point I left my final question unasked. Than why did you schedule it that way?

Oh, and thanks for completely wasting my time. BITCH!

Since I don't want to send you in to the weekend on a down note, please enjoy this bit of a chuckle courtesy of I wish Riley could do this, I'd walk him uptown and have him torch that stupid bar.

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