Thursday, July 16, 2009

Very Interesting

Gay Porn Times (The Adams Report) is reporting that the Executive Committee of International Mister Leather has issued a press release stating that bareback companies and retailers will no longer be allowed to participate in the marketplace in conjunction with their annual convention. 2009 IML has already been held in Chicago at the end of May. Here's what they have to say:

"Executive Committee of International Mr. Leather has decided that it will no longer allow participation in the IML Leather Market by any entity which promotes barebacking or distributes or sells any merchandise tending to promote or advocate barebacking. This restriction will also apply to distribution of gifts, postcards or any other information via our facilities. This policy takes effect immediately.” IML believes the time has come to take a more proactive stance against condomless sex. “Too many in our community believe HIV/AIDS is curable or manageable,” reads the press announcement. “Too few understand that HIV/AIDS infections dominate life. We believe that it is our duty to inform and educate and… it is our further obligation to do everything in our power to prevent future infections.”

This is very interesting because it seems (and I am stating this purely on what I've read and seen posted on other blogs and porn blogs) that a large and unapologetic component of IML lately has been bareback sex parties, "pig" play, and a lots and lots of multiple partner condomless sex. It will be interesting to see if there is any reaction, positive or negative (HAR!) around the interwebs. I also wonder if they plan on encouraging any outreach or education, or if they just plan on closing the barn door after the horses have run free.

UPDATE: Reactions and interesting comments found here and here.

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