Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Slow And Painful Death

My beloved warhorse of a desktop PC is gasping it's last. The hard drive had begun to fail a few months ago. The machine would shut itself off overnight, and in the morning, it would boot up again s-l-o-w-l-y. I think I extended the life by cleaning out old files, deleting unused programs and trying to keep it lean and mean for as long as possible, but it appears that death has (or will) overtaken it anyway. Fortunately, I sensed the end was coming and managed to copy all of my photography files about a week ago. I will loose some music, but nothing I really care about. Same goes for my beloved porn. I offloaded (load, heh) some of it a while back, and the rest is ... well, porn. Replaceable by more porn.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way I can afford to replace my desktop for now. I technically could charge something on my Best Buy card, but I finally just got the damn thing below $1000 and the payments are a manageable $30 a month and I am loathe to charge it back up. Fortunately, my laptop is running A-OK. If I was off the internets completely and without E-Mail I would be sprinting across 23rd St. to get a new machine.

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