Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not So Lazy Sunday

Woke up today feeling like my right eye wouldn't open completely and with good reason, it was filled with fluid and almost swollen shut. As I looked in the mirror this morning I had a golf ball sized welt right in the middle of my forehead, where I had obviously been bitten by something while I slept. Longtime readers will remember I'm highly allergic to mosquito and spider bites, and between my face and neck, and the two on my arm, we can officially declare bug bite season open. And poor Riley got in a fight a couple of days ago, and has a couple of pretty impressive (but not serious) scratches on his head and cheek. So on the morning walk today we looked like Cracky McCrackhead and his faithful companion.

Turns out I like my desktop PC way more than I thought, and more than I like my laptop. Don't get me wrong, my laptop is fine. It just doesn't have the oomph that sitting at my desktop, furiously posting a semi-crazy rant by e-mail that a desktop provides. There's more gravitas in being a crank from a desktop. The laptop is for browsing want ads in a Dunkin' Donuts and forwarding funny dog pictures to relatives. And porn.

So today even before I found out that Best Buy had hard drives on sale I had already decided to go ahead and charge a new one. It will be months before I can afford a whole new PC, so $60 on a hard drive will keep me going until then. Money (credit) well spent I reckon. Truth be told I also would like to double the memory and I need to replace a faulty DVD drive, but none of that is crucial.

After Best Buy the Homo Depot was on the way back and I wandered around like a high-waisted retiree until I happened upon the Garden Center. They had tons and tons of spring flowers and plants in as well as bulbs and seeds for those that like to grow from scratch. I have been trying to find a place that sells potted tomato plants that you can grow on your patio, and they had scads of them, just in and on sale. I have no idea if I can get a tomato plant to grow on my kitchen windowsill. It seems like it gets enough sunlight all afternoon, but I do know I've been wanting to try. I only bought a single plant, so if it dies the experiment is over.

From there I stopped in to the gym to bang out 1/2 hour of cardio, and that is officially 1/2 hour more exercise than I've managed in about 3 weeks. And from there I ambled down to the East Village for a Gay-A meeting. After which I headed home to walk Riley.

It was on the walk I happened on a treasure trove of discarded furniture. It was an embarrassment of riches really, including a black nightstand/sidetable, a wicker shelving unit, another wooden unit, and a chest of drawers. Since I loathe wicker in all it's forms, I ended up garbage picking the chest of drawers. I had intended to give it to my roommate, who's been in need of some storage in his room, but the chest of drawers was in such good shape I decided (since I lugged the thing half a block and then up five flights of stairs) to keep it for myself. I'll give him the small storage cabinet I've been using.

Finished the day with a dinner of leftover pork chops and fresh Mac N Cheese (with broccoli for health!). My face is no longer swollen. Thank god for gravity.

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