Friday, April 03, 2009

On the Mend

Yesterday was decidedly low energy although I did manage to get Riley walked and took him to a dog run in the evening. Only I just sat on a bench and let him amuse himself. I also made a Gay-A meeting but that doesn't take up more energy than sitting on an uncomfortable chair for an hour. I was queasy all day off an on, but by the afternoon I could get out of the bathroom for more than an hour at a time so things are looking up! Today I woke up after 8 hours of glorious uninterrupted sleep and since it was raining out I rolled over for another hour to doze. Now I'm absolutely ravenous and I will be walking the pup, and then loading up the fridge with some groceries after a nice big breakfast.

I thought I would post some pictures of the plants I'm growing in the windows here in my Castle High Atop Second Avenue. Only because at some point, many of them will mysteriously start to die off. I try to buy the right plants for the right light and heat conditions in the apartment, but eventually, one or two here or there starts to wither and fail.

Here are the plants in my kitchen window. It has a commanding view of the alley between buildings but the building next door is low enough that we get hours of morning sun through it.

And here are the gang green right next to my bed by the window on to Second Avenue. I know the one on the left looks kind of spindly but that because Riley partially ate it. He has since given it a reprieve and down at the soil level there's a big mass of growth bursting back up.

How'd that get in there? Here's the plant destroyer himself. He's holding the remnants of a stuffed lion I gave him a few months ago. There is no stuffing left and his head is missing as is one leg but as you can see, he still manages to find something enjoyable about it.

That's all for today. Need some food in my belly.

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