Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meanwhile, Back In My Bloodstream

I had my quarterly blood work done and the results are ...

ridiculously healthy.

My cholesterol numbers are back down in the normal range (thanks Lipitor!), and I am told that I am now "below average risk" for a cardiac event in the next ten years. My anemia has cleared up thanks to the iron supplements and (I assume) the other mega-doses of vitamins I pump down my gullet every day. Liver and kidneys are both doing whatever they do just fine.

I was considering changing my HIV meds as I was worried about the possible triglyceride and other heart-related side effects but it seems things are under control. And besides, since my viral load remained undetectable and my T-Cell count is currently a staggering 1211 (I know, now I'm just making a T-Cell pig of myself) I have decided not to fuck with a good thing.

I don't have too much else that's great happening so I'll take the win and shut up.

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