Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Caught A Bug

Got a really bad stomach ache and cramps last night, at first I thought maybe I had witnessed a particularly heinous American Idol performance, but after confirming that the tattooed blond chick was only headache and not nausea inducing, I realized I might be coming down with something. Much queasiness developed as did the chills. As the cramping got worse I took to bed, only to have Riley pester me letting me know he was ready to go out. Repeated face-licking was pushed aside until I managed to rally enough to get him downstairs. It was quick, and then the trip back up 5 flights almost made me faint. After several trips to the toilet *ahem* (Hey! Two poop posts back to back), I finally put an episode of Intervention on the PC and and curled up under the covers. I dozed fitfully, trying to find a comfortable, non-crampy position.

Around 5am I took another trip to the toilet and had just returned to bed when my stomach finally gave up the ghost and let me know I was T-Minus 5 seconds to purge. I flew out of bed and assumed the position. Riley stood right behind me and I swear he offered to hold back my hair. After, I was spent but felt worlds better. Dozed off and on the rest of the morning, multiple trips to the bathroom notwithstanding, and finally passed out for good this morning around 9:30. I only got up around 12:30 because Riley needed a walk and I felt well enough to run down to the drugstore for some Pepto.

So far today I've only had peppermint tea and have felt alternately sleepy and a bit queasy all day. But I am hungry, so I guess I'm on the mend.

One of my roommates moved out today, and she will be replaced next week by a 19 year old ballet dancer, in town for rehearsals for a month. The search is on for a more permanent-(ish) roommate to take the space in May. I believe I've figured out how to keep myself financially afloat for another couple of months, but if I don't get work by then, I'll have bigger problems then a night on the toilet to contend with.

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