Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Now That I'm Sick I Feel Better

No wonder I was so run down and out of sorts the last couple of days. Turns out I caught a cold. I woke up yesterday before my dental appointment with a scratchy throat. I assumed I had been snoring, but it stayed with me well in to the afternoon and as the day went on my head clogged up and I started spiking a fever. Today I have a cough and chest congestion and I've had a fever off and on all day.

But here's the thing, I actually feel better. Now that I know I'm sick I don't feel all worn out and old, just ill. And that makes me feel better.

Speaking of not feeling good, here's a sobering look at something a lot of people jam down their throats far too often. A nutritionist/wellness consultant (?) has put up this picture:

The McDonalds burger on the right (off the paper) is a 2008 burger bought for this photograph. The burger on the left was also bought at McDonalds ... 12 years ago !! It was not preserved in anything other than a plastic sandwich container. There is no mold, no degrading of the bun and no change in the burger other than a reported "odd smell". That's because McDonalds really isn't food. It's a collection of chemicals shaped and treated to resemble food. And it's no damn good for you.

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