Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Indestructible My Ass

Here is a picture of the "virtually indestructible" rubber dog bone I bought for Riley. I gave it to him around 3:00 this afternoon and snapped this picture around 7:30. This is after I took it from him twice to give him a break and also took him out for a walk. So I would say he was working on it for two hours, tops. Fortunately, the checkout at Petco scanned it for a much cheaper price than it was supposedly selling for, or I'd be really pissed instead of simply dismayed that my dog is obviously Bionic. Which is totally cool, as I was always running around the neighborhood as a young gay-let imagining how much I would love to be Jaime Sommers, and of course, I always wanted my own Max.

UPDATE: Steve, the first part of that video post is indeed from the original Bionic Dog episode. Jaime finds out that Max is in a research hospital where Dr. Rudy Wells informs her that Max is rejecting his bionics. In reality, he has a traumatic fear of fire and is also depressed being stuck in a cage. Sensing this, Jaime busts Max out of his cage and they jump out the window and across the field for a super slo-mo bionic run. This is the origin of my desire for a bionic dog. And I am completely embarrassed to admit I didn't have to look any of this up.

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