Friday, October 17, 2008

I Can See!

Picked up my new glasses this afternoon. I plan on stretching out in bed in a little bit and watching some TV while I fall asleep. A luxury I've had to do without the past couple of weeks. And if a certain dog makes the mistake of chewing up this pair you can be sure you'll find his bloody carcass dangling from my fire escape.

I'm trying to make good use of my time off while I search for a new position. So sometime last week I got an e-mail offering an 8 week "boot camp" training course designed to challenge you physically, and hopefully in my case, help me drop a couple of pounds of ice cream fat. Plus, this particular offer came with a generous 1/2 off the training price for people with HIV. Is there no end to the benefits of being ravaged by this virus? Apparently not.

So even though I really can't afford the $25 per session fee right now, I couldn't resist signing up. It just means I can't really do any gratuitous shopping and no thrift stores for the duration. Come to think of it I may have made a bad deal.

At any rate, yesterday was the first session and now I can barely walk. My upper body isn't that sore but my abs are tender and my legs are like two sand filled sacks dangling from my waist. It's all I can do to shuffle in to the kitchen for a bowl of mint chocolate chip.

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