Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long Winded

The court appearance turned out to be a non-event. I arrived on time at the courtroom and within a minute or two they called my name and I met up with the corporate lawyer. We both waited for the owner to show, and once he did we had a meeting in the hallway with the attorney representing the city. After a few questions back and forth between the owner and "our" lawyer and the city's, they agreed to have the appearance re-scheduled for mid-December. The thinking being that they would have their permits and repairs in order by then and some, if not all the infractions would be mitigated and/or dismissed. I believe the only one potentially inconvenienced by this plan was me. File this under unresolved.

I did learn, surprisingly, that the owner and his partners still plan on re-opening the venue. He claims they are still awaiting more inspections and permits and that it would be a matter of weeks. Of course, that's exactly what he said a matter of weeks past. And in the interim I found out that my immediate boss, the Operations Manager, stopped coming in to work because he hadn't been paid in almost two months. So I was surprised when the owner said they would be calling me "soon" to gather up whatever staff is still available and hire new employees to open as a private event space (for now). It kind of puts me in the middle as far as loyalties go, and I admit I'm baffled as to the course of action, considering they supposedly have events booked in November, and it's almost the end of October. Either way, before I accept a returning position we will have to come to some agreement (possibly in writing) as to when and how I get paid. The minute that does not come to pass I am out the door.

I do have some other news. Some of it potentially off the chain but unfortunately I feel it's too soon to do more than tease you with it. But I am kind of pleased to report I've been accepted on to the Community Advisory Board at the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. It sounds impressive (doesn't it?) but the reality is they meet up to 9 times a year, basically one Tuesday a month with the summer off, and discuss ... well, I assume, community health issues for LGBT and HIV+ people. Plus, I hear there's pizza. So maybe not so earth shattering (as some of my other news *snicker*), but still, I'm kind of excited to be doing a little bit to affect my people's well-being and pay it forward a little bit, considering how well taken care of I've been the last few years.

And to make a long post longer, I did indeed beg off the Boot Camp sessions. Not that I had agreed to anything beyond the first week. I just cried poor and said I would be in touch, should that change dramatically. Which was true. Although to tell the whole truth, while I was sore as shit from that first session, part of the reason for that was that the class had no warm-up or stretching before the session nor any post work-out cool down. Well, beyond a perfunctory (big word!) stretch in the beginning that was more like, why bother? Granted, the class was only an hour, but in my opinion, the sign of a trainer that really knows and cares about a client, particularly one that's not in top shape, as we all weren't, lies in how much attention he pays to minimizing soreness and potential injury. This trainer went immediately in to a routine. Besides, some of it involved jumping on little colored circles and rolling under rope and nonsense with those teeny orange traffic cones and I hate that shit. So true to my earlier post I took a yoga class at my gym on Tuesday night, and while I am pathetically horrid at yoga poses, I took my place off in the corner with several other "yoga retards" and worked up a helluva sweat. And by the end of it most of the soreness in my lower back and legs had evaporated. Plus I was all dreamy and centered and feeling all kinds of peace, love and granola afterward. But there was no pizza.

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