Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comic Shop Open

I've decided that I really must get rid of my comic book collection. I need the space for some up-coming events (hint), and I'm finding that I curiously feel absolutely no attachement to these comics anymore. I get nothing out of owning them. I never re-read them or go through them except when I'm making yet another attempt to catalogue them. Plus, I desperately need whatever money I can realize from selling them off. So I plan on making a concerted effort to sell them all off in the coming months. I plan on pricing them at what I hope will be a fair and attractive price. Originally, I wanted to try and maximize the profit. Now I just want to make some money and get them out of my house. Whatever I don't sell in the next few months, I guess I will pack up and donate to some kid's charity.

So here's the links to the first bunch of comics up for sale on EBay. There will be many more soon.

Hawk & Dove #1-5 1988 complete series.

Robin III Cry of the Huntress #1-6 1993 complete.

Silver Surfer/Warlock: RESURRECTION #1-4 complete.

War of The Gods #1-4 1991 complete.

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