Monday, September 29, 2008

Worn Out

I was up until after 3 am yesterday even though the alarm was set for 8 this morning. No reason, just couldn't wind down. I have a lot on my mind what with money being short and the New York City financial community going into shock. Whatever happens, it's sure to affect my industry and job prospects. At my "former" restaurant/club, we did many, many events for financial institutions. Lehman Brothers was a regular client. Not anymore. And I doubt their party budgets will be very generous for a while.
Not that worrying will do much good. It will become what it will be.

On top of getting to bed late I tossed and turned most of the night. That's when I wasn't being bitten by the mosquito in the room. I woke up around 5 am with two itchy bites on my arm. Riley must have picked up on how restless I was as he woke me several times barking at the window and then tried to nibble and lick me awake from about 6:30 on.

So I was dragging my ass all morning. Despite that, I managed to arrive early at an appointment for a job this morning. Then I walked through Soho before making a lunchtime appointment in Midtown.

After that I took the subway back to Union Square to shop the Greenmarket. The seasons are definitely changing as apples are coming in to season as well as all kinds of late summer squash.

I screwed around at home for an hour or so juggling money in my accounts, trying to figure out who gets paid this week. Then I took Riley to the park to begin some obedience training. Within a 1/2 hour he had mastered Sit/Stay and then Stay/Come. I never got around to training Jet, and while I don't want Riley to be a little robot, some discipline wouldn't hurt this one at all.

Speaking of which, it's time to go out for a walk and then I must get some quality sleep. Tomorrow I have another dental appointment at 10 am. I think I'm getting a permanent crown put in but there have been so many appointments for this root canal, I've really lost track.

Also, there is a distinct possibility I may be going back to my old job, despite how much I ran down the owners a couple of weeks ago. Let's face it, I need to work, and with the economic news of late, I'm thinking I might be better off taking the bird in the hand.


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