Monday, September 15, 2008

Total Bull-shit

I was railing against stupid shit like this before, but now that this ridiculously litigious country has taken the art of abdicating any and all responsibility for the decisions that cause them problems to new heights and possibly dragged me into the courts as well, I'm on a one man crusade to point them out and rail against them.

Case in point: Midtown country bar Johnny Utah's is now being sued by NYC screenwriter Aaron Schnore, 38, after he supposedly downed some drinks (voluntarily), signed a waiver (voluntarily) and climbed aboard a mechanical bull (voluntarily). After he was thrown off (what a shock!) this dumb-fuck decides to sue the venue for letting a (chronologically) grown man make an ass of himself. Here's what his lawyer managed to claim without choking on his own bile:

"[The operator] pumped it up until he could throw him," said lawyer Lawrence Saftler. "That to us is an assault and battery."

The suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, charges that Johnny Utah's was negligent for letting Schnore's wild ride go on too long and for allowing "an inebriated individual to use and ride the mechanical bull."

It also describes the bull - which is furry with padded horns - as a "danger" because it lacks the "proper safeguards and padding to break falls."

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

"Things are supposed to be fun, not injury-producing," Saftler said.

Personally, I say the only mistake this restaurant made was letting a whiny Jew get on a mechanical device that required a modicum of athleticism and co-ordination to operate in the first place.

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