Sunday, September 14, 2008

This N' That

I find it almost impossible to believe, but I may have actually finished decorating one of the rooms in my apartment. The bathroom, while not perfect (and given the age of the building and the condition of the pipes, it never will be) feels like it's actually done. I've painted and repaired the molding around the (crooked) door, I've glued down the floor tiles I've used as a wall treatment, and all the towel bars and fixtures match. There's also plenty of storage with room to grow if need be. I suppose if push came to shove I would replace the bathroom sink and I could clean up the paint and shelving inside the window, and I might, but I don't look at the room in any direction but up (where the ceiling is splitting from leaky pipes) and think "ICK". I've also been working on the spare bedroom, but I think my own bedroom will be the next to get some attention. It could use a paint job if nothing else.

Another stunning development occurred this month at the dentist. Specifically, that I've been going religiously. This root canal I finally agreed to is taking forever. I've already had five appointments over the last month or two. The first two appointments seemed to be the bulk of the digging and drilling but in actuality it was this last appointment that was kind of "YUCK" as he had to give me another shot and file down the tooth and fit me with temporary crown. Again, beyond the discomfort of the initial shot, it didn't hurt, but it took quite a while and the sound of my tooth being repeatedly filed down from different directions and the vibration in my head wasn't what I'd call pleasant.

But what I found amazing as I calmly sat there with my hands folded in my lap as two people stuck all manner of drills and files and suction in my face was the fact that I've come this far. I wish I could describe the absolute abject panic I used to experience when anyone would even talk about going to the dentist, let alone the few times I actually managed to pill myself down and climb into the chair, but suffice it to say between the rapid heart beat and the overwhelming feeling of terror, I was afraid to even get my teeth cleaned. Now a dentist appointment is no more stressful than my quarterly blood draws or any other medical issue. It falls in to the category of a major, massive breakthrough and I absolutely attribute this one as a direct and demonstrable benefit to getting sober.

My brother and his wife are in town the next few days, mostly so he can attend a couple of last games at his beloved Yankee Stadium before the celebrated old ballpark is shuttered and demolished ahead of next year when the Yankees move across the street to their shiny new home. I'm not really up for attending a game but we do have plans to meet at least once or twice for dinner and a little sightseeing.

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