Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moving On

Yesterday after a job interview in midtown I stopped in to my old job and cleaned out my desk. There was nobody in the office except the Operations Manager and the office secretary. My boss has not been paid for 6 weeks. I found out the events manager officially resigned the day before. I have no plans to officially resign as I don't want to screw up unemployment and besides, giving them the courtesy they have not given me is just not in my nature. Immature? Guilty.

Aside from a picture of Jet I kept on my desk and a copy of some computer payroll files I copied "just in case", the bulk of what I took fit in a small shopping bag. My desk was loaded with key chains and pens as well as candy and nutrition bars. I"m a bit of a pack rat so I had a ton of markers and Sharpies as well as Post-It note pads and labels in three sizes. I tend to explore the entire building when I'm bored and tuck things away because "you never know". I checked all the pictures I was saving on my office computer, a couple of cute men but nothing hardcore or embarrassing. I was tempted to delete all the pictures and documents but I was afraid that would seem spiteful, even for me.

Still, I haven't turned in my building or office keys as of yet. Because you never know ...

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