Monday, September 08, 2008

Silly Flaggot

So I spent Sunday afternoon biking around the west side on one of the most spectacular Sundays of the year. Bright blue skies and moderate temperatures were our reward for the soaking we got from the tropical storm yesterday. I ended up taking a cruise. Every Sunday during the summer there is a gay Tea Dance "booze cruise" that leaves from the west side piers. The thing about going on a booze cruise if you no longer booze is that you can always go to dance (which I did not do), look at cute guys (of which there were only a handful) or enjoy the boat ride as well as the spectacular night-time views of Manhattan (which I thoroughly and completely did). I thought I would get some great pictures during the cruise but by the time the boat actually left the dock, the sun had pretty much set. Note to self: Next year do it when the days are much longer.

Still, I did manage to get some fantastic shots during the early part of my afternoon, and I'll post those as soon as I have a chance to work on them. But for now, here's one for the for my middle-aged gay posse:

Remember flaggers? If memory serves they were a staple at circuit parties, and bolstered by chemicals, they could twirl for hours. Flaggers never really went away here in NYC, and apparently if you put a bunch of middle-aged gays on a boat cruise in the summer, there be flaggers. It's like whale-watching, only gay.

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