Sunday, August 31, 2008

Greetings From Buffalo

I spent a bit of my time this weekend helping my technophobe family work out some of their computer problems. Aside from the aforementioned internet service I decided my Mom couldn't go another minute without I also took a look at her printer, which she insisted wasn't working. Last time this happened she had gone so long without using the printer that the ink had simply dried up. I doubted she would make that mistake again as she clearly knew it could happen. She didn't. This time somehow the printer that's hooked up to her machine was no longer the default printer on her system, so nothing would print unless you manually forced it to, something that wouldn't be figured out in a million years here. I tweaked her settings and all was well.

This afternoon I took a ride out to my younger sister's home deep in the suburbs of suburbia and helped her renew her anti-virus software and sign herself up for an online poker site. While i was there I re-assured her that the computer wasn't a magic tunnel whereby someone could reach through and pluck her credit card information from her purse and that as long as she didn't sign up for anything by using her credit card, chances were pretty slim that she would be charged for anything she didn't want. But apparently her desire to play poker online superseded her fear of The Internets.

Yesterday I had the great pleasure (seriously) of going out to breakfast with my Dad and three of his four brothers. They apparently meet twice a month on Saturday to argue about who among them has more money, who among their acquaintances has died or is hospitalized, and generally dish the dirt on missing friends, relatives and each other. An activity I as a gay man was quite comfortable with. Considering my dad's six brothers and sisters are all still living and the oldest one at the table that day was (I think) 85 years old, I considered it a privilege to be included. I'm thrilled to report that all of them (while wrinkly) seemed to be in good spirits. My 85 year old uncle was eager for his once a week bowling league to begin next week. Encouraging. Will I be bowling in 40 years? Will they have an old gay single seniors league by then?

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