Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm going to link to the NY Post for this article, because believe it or not, it seems to be pretty factual as far as I know to what actually happened. And while I'm giving props to the dipsticks that usually write for the Post, the story is actually off the AP Wire.

If you don't read the article, it turns out the the tragic death of the missing young lady was caused by one of my employees. For the record, he was a bar back, a current employee, who previously worked for the building when it was owned and operated as another club entirely. To say that it's a shocking turn of events would be an understatement. And while I can reveal more now that an arrest was made, I don't want to blurt out anything that would prevent justice from being served. If you know me, you know I believe, assuming he is guilty of this crime (and a confession seems pretty guilty) that this young man needs to go to jail. No question.

I will say it's truly bizarre to know that I've been working with someone for almost a year and a half, since the day we opened, and find that he has committed, is capable of committing, a possible sex assault and murder. To say that there were no signs previously is a massive understatement.

What I can be up front about now, considering what I knew about the crime scene, where the body was found and how she may have disappeared, is that I was pretty certain that this crime was committed by someone who had an insider knowledge of the premises. And that pointed to an employee of mine. Many people are speculating about a great many things, but I knew there was no way that a "stranger" with an intoxicated woman in tow would have found his way all the way up to the utility shed on the roof. There were far too many doors (locked and unlocked) and stairs for someone to "wander" up, even if he intended to commit an assault, a robbery, what have you.

I can also say that if the police time line for the crime holds up, I spoke with a person who ended up committing murder about 1/2 hour before he actually did it, and while I wasn't "on duty" at the time, I was certainly on the premises when he killed this poor girl. And that is six kinds of creepy.

Much is being said in the press about club security, and second guessing about what could be done to prevent this. But I truly believe this is not something you could have security for. Security is there to check ID, prevent/break up fights, hopefully keep people from falling down stairs or tearing the towel dispenser off the wall. It would be wonderful if they could anticipate this kind of horrible act and stop it from happening, but I don't think that's very realistic. How do you anticipate one human being attacking and murdering another in a public place? How do you then assume you could predict a trusted employee with no criminal record could be holding this kind of violence inside him? I don't think anyone could.

It's a tragic act, and a single mom is grieving the loss of her daughter. I know she may never find comfort, but I hope she at least gets justice.

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