Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Hold

We've been pretty much closed for over a week now. After the raid by the Mayor's Task Force the owners can't seem to get the permits and paperwork they should have had all along to make it legal for us to open. And I have been told by my sources in the NYPD that if we do open up illegally, the manager on duty can look forward to a trip to the precinct and possibly jail. Not only are the police coming by periodically to check out our status, Making sure the door is locked, looking in to monitor activity, yesterday afternoon they were actually stationed right outside our front door for the duration of the shift. They gave the GM a citation because there were cigarette butts and trash on the sidewalk out front. In Times Square. So now we're being harassed by the cops and we're not even open. This doesn't bode well.

To make matters worse, the owners missed payroll on Monday. This is the second time in less than 6 months, and that was when we switched our pay day from Friday to Monday. Significantly, they've offered no explanation or apology to the staff or management as to why they missed again or when they intend to rectify the situation. As each day passes with no work and no pay I am less and less inclined to think this will ever be resolved to where we open for business. Although meetings still seem to be taking place behind the scenes and no one has yet to completely throw in the towel. I do have a job interview this afternoon before I go to "work".

As a way to illustrate, I got a text message from my boss last night saying he was waiting to hear from the owners but we might have some good news. Then he sent a follow-up text canceling tonight's event. Then another calling a management meeting for today at 4, with the caveat "no bad news". And then this morning I got up to a text message putting that meeting "on hold" awaiting new information.

At this point, all I really want to know is if my paycheck is coming and when.

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