Saturday, August 30, 2008

One Crisis Averted

Arrived safe and sound at Buffalo International Airport (HA!). The flight was delayed almost an hour as they "replaced and installed a part" before take off. Good thing I'm not afraid to fly at all.

I lasted exactly one day before I cracked and installed a new internet service provider for my parents. Apparently, nothing was wrong with the old service provider except that there was some kind of billing snafu and when my mom tried to settle it with the helpful NetZero customer service rep in New Delhi, she ended up getting her service cancelled. Let's hear it once again for outsourcing US jobs, people PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! Mom decided that since she was getting an all-in one cable/phone/internet package "soon" that she would just do without until then. AS IF! In any case, once I doped out that the equipment was all fine I signed them up for 6 months of dial-up service at $10.00 a month, and presto sex-change, we were back in business. Which instantly made me the coolest uncle ever for my poor AIM-deprived 14 year old niece. That, and some mall-crawl time where I let her spend $50.00 maximum on whatever she wanted since her birthday was earlier this month. She wisely headed straight for the sale rack and also had the sense to pick out something for the upcoming fall school year, rather than something for now that woud be no good in a couple of weeks. Her good genetic heritage was shining through.

I've been in touch with a few people from work, and it seems that they are moving forward getting paperwork filed with the intent of reopening, but it could be as long as two more weeks. Still no word on when or how we would be compensated for the current lost wages. My dad slipped me some spending money the day after I got here, which at 46 years old is a little sad. But I took it anyway. Somehow, I figure they owe me. Someone must.

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