Saturday, August 16, 2008

In The News

I may or may not have a job in the near future. I've linked to a bunch of press, good and mostly bad, to provide an explanation.

Nightclub impresario Steve Lewis gives a pretty spirited defense of our nightclub personnel as well as an accurate recounting of the murder and what an aberration it really is.

New York Magazine repeats Lewis' sources claiming we're "in trouble". This dovetails with a televised statement from the Police Commissioner of New York City, claiming he has ordered a "very focused" look at the business. I've personally heard from other sources that "Commissioner Kelly wants you closed". Not surprisingly, a lawsuit related to another death "linked to" the club sixth months ago has just been filed.

The details of that incident, as well as the lawsuit, were recounted in the New York Sun. Now I understand that filing a lawsuit in this country is easier than getting herpes, but can someone explain to me how we (as a business) are responsible and liable for a knife fight that results in a fatal stabbing that takes place six blocks away? It seems that not only is our security responsible for finding and ejecting grown men and women bent on having a "gang fight" in a public place, but we are apparently responsible to see that all parties involved arrive safely to their homes, wherever that may be. Do we have to tuck them in and kiss them good night? Ridiculous.

The upshot of it all is we weren't able to get whatever paperwork and permits we now suddenly need to have after passing numerous inspections over the last year and a half. So after all the staff arrived and set up the restaurant for dinner, we ended up being closed for the remainder of the weekend, and everyone was sent home. We are supposedly opening up for a small private event on Monday night, when all our paperwork will be in order and on file.

I remain skeptical, and have begun checking out new job prospects.

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