Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am officially on vacation. The difference between yesterday and today being that I don't have to go in to work at all for another entire week, but this time it was scheduled on the calendar. And I still haven't been paid, so it's a vacation in the broadest sense of the word. It's hardly very relaxing to be off work and not really know how or if you are going to pay the rent in a week.

But I had planned a nice long visit with my family in Buffalo, and tomorrow I fly out of JFK for a quick flight across the state. As if my stress level isn't high enough, I got a rare evening phone message from my mom last night, informing me that they no longer have internet service AT ALL, so maybe I would want to bring my laptop. As if the fucking thing magically hooks up to some internet satellite orbiting Buffalo. I called her back this morning to gently explain that a laptop doesn't do any good if there's not at least some wireless network to hook up with. Then I told them they were evil people and I didn't appreciate this sick plot to drive me mad. And I wasn't really kidding. What the fuck am I supposed to do without internet service for an entire week? Seriously, if I had known I would have shortened my visit by several days. There's absolutely nothing for me to do after 2-3 days in Buffalo, and I can only entertain myself so much as my now kind of elderly parents repeatedly nod off and finally go to bed for good at midnight.

I haven't even left yet and all I can think about now is how much this is going to suck. And that sucks.

I'll say goodbye tomorrow.

UPDATE: I got a couple of work e-mails suggesting that the powers that ain't me seem to have expectations that we'll be re-opening. I'm still doubtful but ... also, I may have figured out a way to get a dial-up connection in to my Verizon account. Say a prayer.

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