Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm Published!

I was surfing the interwebs after work tonight and lo and behold, what do I spy? An article in HIVPlus magazine (and all about the SIN NYC Pride March at the end of June. As I'm scrolling through the article, a re-cap by David Llewellyn of the events from that afternoon, I find that the article is accompanied by a lovely set of four pictures, three of which were taken by none other than little ole' me. I gave David and SIN full permission to use the photos however they wanted, and I was hoping that maybe one would make the magazine I had heard was running a story, so three pictures makes me absolutely proud and thrilled! I mean it's just a little niche mag that a bunch of gays and random other degenerates will flip through while waiting for the results of their HPV test (that is, until they start to think that if anyone were to spot them reading a magazine about HIV that someone would assume that maybe, you know, they might actually be HIV+, at which time they swap it for a leaflet about crystal meth addiction and treatment), but still, it's a real magazine and those are my pictures so, "Have some photos published in a magazine" you are hereby checked off my things to do list. Although, a photo credit would have made this absolutely perfect *cough* douchebags *cough*.

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