Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, I did wash a window.

Backtracking, the Memorial Eve event wasn't the crush I was led to believe. I estimate the crowd was around 700 people, and my crowd estimates are notoriously accurate. I have an ability to look at how many bodies are on each floor and give a pretty educated guess as to how many people are in the building. It's a pretty valuable skill if you are trying to avoid being shut down by the FDNY for over-crowding. So even though the crowd was smaller than expected, I still ended up working at the front door for a couple of hours. Apparently, another one of my skills seems to be in crowd control and managing a waiting line. I assume because I'm so bossy. And seeing as how our security was late getting to the event, I had to step in and manage the outside line. We got a couple hundred people through a ticket line and ID check and in to the club spending money in about 1/2 an hour so, well done me. I left the club in capable hands and set on cruise control around 1am.

Memorial Day was absolutely beautiful. Sunny, breezy, hot in the sun and cool in the shade. But I woke up exhausted, and as the day progressed I developed a splitting headache. But after lolling around the apartment in the afternoon, I found the day running away and I was determined to make something of it, so after washing the dirtiest window in the building, the one facing the alley in the kitchen, I decided to finally take the bike out. I hadn't had the chance to tighten all the screws and size it for my comfort. So I rolled it down to the front steps and tweaked the brakes, tightened the pedals and raised the handlebars. Thinking it was ready to roll I set off for the East side waterfront and then down towards lower Manhattan. It was then the vibrations of the ride started to take their toll. The handlebars weren't tight enough and started to shift and come loose. The ultra heavy lock I attached shifted weight and started hitting me in the heel. The seat lock was obviously not set correctly and began to incrementally lower, and then tilt forward and back as I shifted my weight. By the time I turned around and headed for home it seemed as if the whole bike was about to fly apart under me before I made it back. It was a wobbly, clanking comedy of bad bike maintenance. The minute I got home I re-adjusted the handlebars and completely removed the plastic tire flaps that kept dropping down and dragging on the tires. I didn't take it back out for another ride as my headache was no better and quite frankly, that short ride only highlighted how pathetically out of shape I've become. I was beat.

So I locked the bike up in the stairwell and fetched Jet. I still intended to give him his bath, but after taking him to the dog park and shopping for some dinner, I couldn't keep my eyes open another second and literally plopped down on the couch and napped sitting up for about 45 minutes. After that I made a late dinner and cleaned out the fridge, as I had set the freezer to defrost from the night before. I watched a little of the Top Chef and Enterprise marathons and then climbed in to bed full of aches and groans, before settling in and falling in to a well deserved and very deep sleep. My dirty dog was right next to me.

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